Sáraméllo is a Brazilian visual artist.

With artworks exhibited in the Americas, Europe and Asia, she creates drawings and paintings on canvas, paper, walls, toy art among other supports and media.

Her creations transition through an universe of fantasy and dreams, where the figure of a child interacts with animals in surrealist environments.

Adept to the animals' cause, the artist believes painting them along children remind us that humans are also an animal species within a complex, interdependent ecosystem and that the sense of equality between all terrestrial beings must prevail.

Sáraméllo enjoys the idea of estimulating people's imagination through irreverant stories starred by her characters. However, make no mistake! Beyond her imagination scenarios, she intends to promote peoples' awareness towards the natural environment.

The thoroughly, handmade details in her artworks are inspired in textile patterns, from the 18th and 20th century art and fashion design. Sáraméllo's inspirations ranges from artists such as Zacarías Velázquez González, Vicente Lopez, from Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí, Klint and Alexander McQueen.

Over the years, the artist's has also created illustrations for magazines, books, television channel and international brands such as Adidas Originals, Panasonic, HP, Bayer, Ernst & Young, among others.

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