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My installation "The Meeting" in the Affordable Art Fair Singapore | 2016

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"The meeting" The installation symbolizes the magic of the first major experiences we go through in life. The first kiss, the first bicycle, the first day at school, first boyfriend, the first trip, the first job, the first achievement for something dreamed ... among many other experiences, positive or negative, that makes who we are. We always cultivate a great curiosity about the unknown and to unraveling its mysteries, we have crafted many stories and fantasies in our imagination around it. When she learned she would move to Singapore, Saramello imagined many possibilities and the unknown that surrounds the mind of Westerners all came up: "How will the East look like" A Brazilian visual artist who has also lived in France, Saramellos move to Singapore was her first direct experience in Asia. Amid so many uncertainties and differences, love was at first sight. Love for the fauna, the flora, the colors, the costumes, the beliefs, the tastes and all the exotic Asian culture. A new universe of references and experiences came suddenly emerged. "The meeting" talks about this encounter of East and West, and the enchantment that derives from it. The Western boy on a giraffe, which amazed by so much beauty trys to reach the beautiful Chinese lanterns, show us the will to live and unravel the unknown - an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone, but moreover sparks the desire to fly and reach new worlds." The sculptures that make up the installation "The meeting" were made with recycled paper and plastic bags. Paper Marché and other paper techniques were applied. For this, the artist collected for 6 months grocery bags and paper from magazines, pointing out how much waste we produce and could reuse smartly.

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